Also…Earn one (1) point for every dollar spent on food at participating Old Chicago restaurants.
100 $10 Foamer Bucks or Clip-on Watch and Compass
200 $20 Foamer Bucks or Bottle Opener
300 $30 Foamer Bucks or WBT T-Shirt
400 $40 Foamer Bucks or Baseball Cap
500 $50 Foamer Bucks or Long-Sleeved T-Shirt
600 $60 Foamer Bucks or Gym Bag
700 $70 Foamer Bucks or Sweatshirt
800 $80 Foamer Bucks or Fleece Jacket
900 $90 Foamer Bucks or Grill Set
1000 $100 Foamer Bucks or Windbreaker or *Pizza Party for 20


Tour 10: Engraved Stein and…a special VIP World Beer Tour Card
Tour 40: Leather Sleeved Letter Style Jacket
Tour 50: Pizza Party for you and 10 friends

*Pizza Party includes all the pizza and soft drinks you can consume on premises. Alcoholic beverages, tax and gratuity not included.

Prizes and program subject to change without notice.

World Beer Tour® Prizes

Prizes and rules vary from state to state.

*Select Your State

World Beer Tour Card

Your card tracks every beer on your journey from any Old Chicago location. Cards must be registered with an accurate name and separate email address to be eligible to receive prizes.

Make the Most of the Tour

Register your World Beer Tour card so we can tell you about promotions, special events, add a free medium one-topping pizza to your card the month of your birthday and award your prizes without delay (beginning with your 25th beer, your prizes will be placed on hold until your card is registered). Registering only takes a minute, and providing your name, birthday and e-mail address is enough.

Register Your Card


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*Not all beers available at all locations.